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Billboards Posted Across Geneva Highlight Crimes Against Pashtuns

Written By Sheetal Shenoy | Mumbai | Published:


  • Numerous billboards were posted across the Swiss city of Geneva by the Pashtuns to get the attention of the United Nations
  • The billboards posted in Geneva show¬†an upcoming exposition on the Pashtun¬†genocide in Pakistan
  • The Diplomatic resources of the UN need to be utilised to end the extermination of Pashtun people

Numerous billboards were posted across the Swiss city of Geneva by Pashtuns as a sign of protest, calling for the United Nations (UN) attention against the cultural genocide carried out by Pakistan. Pashtuns have put up Billboards to ask the UN to take action against Pakistan and stop the killing of the people in their community. This community resides in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. They have continued to face a cultural annihilation with systematic violence, intimidation and mistreatment by the Pakistani forces. The billboards posted across the Swiss city show an upcoming exposition on the cultural genocide in Pakistan.

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'Pashtun Genocide in Pakistan'

The exposition was held on September 17 and September 27 at the Hall Bungener in Geneva, to highlight the issues Pashtuns are facing. Hundreds of civilians have reportedly been killed or have "disappeared" in the region. The community has been left with two choices-  forced to endure atrocious conditions or flee their homes to escape persecution. After migrating to other neighbouring cities the displaced Pashtuns are then allegedly stereotyped as terrorists, reported a local media.

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Authorities don't take action

State authorities and other organisations have not tried to stop or highlight these crimes and human rights abuses on the global platform. Until the UN takes action against the Pakistani government for this abuse, the Pashtun community will continue to suffer. The diplomatic resources of the UN need to be utilised to end the extermination of the Pashtun people. These revelation has come at the same time as Pakistan claiming Human Rights violation in Kashmir during the 42nd UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session.

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UNHRC Says 'world can't be fooled' to Pakistan

On Tuesday, First Secretary MEA, Vimarsh Aryan used the Right to Reply at the UNHRC session in Geneva to talk about Pakistan's interference in the internal matters of India over the recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir "We are not surprised with Pakistan's hysterical statements with false fabricated narrative to politicise and polarise this forum. Pakistan realises that our recent decision cuts the very ground from under its feet by creating obstacles in its continuous sponsorship of cross-border terrorism against India. In its desperate mind frame, some Pakistan leaders have even called for jihad and to encourage violence, both with inside Jammu and Kashmir and to third world countries, in order to paint a picture of genocide which even they know is far from reality," Vimarsh Aryan said at UNHRC in Geneva.

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