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Black Fungus Alert: First Suspected Death From Fungal Infection Reported From Tamil Nadu

It has been suspected that a 57-year-old welding workshop owner from Tamil Nadu has died due to Black Fungus infection. He was also COVID-19 positive.

Black Fungus

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As the cases of the rare fungal infection are on a rise, Tamil Nadu has reported first suspected death due to Black Fungus in the Thoothukkudi district. A 57-year-old welding lath owner who was also a COVID-19 patient is said to have possibly died of Mucormycosis infection in the government hospital. The health minister of Tamil Nadu, Ma Subramanian has informed that officials are taking a stock of the disease. 

The health minister also added that Tamil Nadu is equipped with 'anti-fungal drugs and other medicines'. 

"We are taking a check of black fungus. CM is in talks with Health Secretary and other officials. We are prepared and in-stock of anti-fungal drugs and other medicines related to black fungus. We are hearing of reports and we are in discussions on the same," said Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian. 

More details on the matter are awaited, however, the cases of Black Fungus have given the authorities an additional concern with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. When it comes to COVID-19 cases, the state was reporting a downfall in fresh cases however on Wednesday, it again reported a surge in cases. Tamil Nadu reported 34,875 fresh COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours.

AIIMS Neurologist warns of rising cases of Mucormycosis

On Wednesday, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi's Neurology department head, Dr. MV Padma Srivastava informed that the cases of fungal infection have risen from single-digit to the current three0digit mark. In fact, AIIMS has also formed separate wards for black fungus victims. According to the top Neurologist, diabetic patients need to keep a strict check of their sugar as a precaution. She also enlightened that chances of contracting Black Fungus are very high for people with low immunity. 

Black-fungus or Mucormycosis

Several health experts are warning about the signs of this deadly and rare fungal infection. Delhi has seen a steady rise in the cases of Mucormycosis giving serious concerns to healthcare officials. The cases of 'Black Fungus' infection are deadly as it is a rare fungal infection. The disease has been a case of death of patients in transplants, ICUs, and immunodeficient for a long time. Symptoms include nose obstruction, swelling in the eyes or cheeks, and black crusts in the nose.

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