Bodoland Lottery Results And Updates | October 11 | Friday | 3 PM

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Bodoland Lottery Results for Friday 3 PM, October 11, 2019 are out. Read on to know more about the lottery results, steps to claim the prize and other details.

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Bodoland region has a separate set of lottery games apart from Assam lotteries which are scheduled for two-time slots, afternoon and evening. The Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat conducts the Bodoland lottery after its legalisation in specific regions and states in India. Otherwise, there are only 13 states that practice lottery games in India. The Bodoland lottery results for 3 pm time slot will be announced soon. The price of a single ticket is just ₹ 2 for Bodoland Lottery. 

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The prize money to be won in Bodoland Lottery individual series is as follows:

Bodoland lottery is a unique lottery system where there are sub-categories and multiple first-place winners in separate series.  For example, Singham-Kuil Orange Friday will have its own list of winners and Rosa-Deer Gold Friday will have its own list of winners. Furthermore, Thangam-Nallaneram Charm Friday will have its own winners and Kumaran-Vishnu Storm Friday will have its own winners. The first prize winner of the Bodoland Lottery gets to take home a huge sum of ₹ 50,000. The second prize winner gets to take ₹ 7000. Apart from the first and the second prize, there are multiple third prize winners, who get to take home ₹ 3500. The fourth prize winner gets ₹ 200 and the fifth prize winner gets ₹ 100. Bodoland Lottery also has a sixth prize winner, who wins a total of ₹ 50.

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For Friday, there are several types of Bodoland Lottery games that one can participate in. They are:

  • Singham-Kuil Orange Friday Bodoland lottery Series
  • Rosa-Deer Gold Friday Bodoland lottery Series
  • Thangam-Nallaneram Charm Friday Bodoland lottery Series
  • Kumaran-Vishnu Storm Friday Bodoland lottery Series
  • Swaranalaxmi Diamond Friday Bodoland lottery Series

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Things to remember

Assam and Bodoland are both different lottery draws. The individual prize amounts of Bodoland lottery are lesser than individual Assam winning amounts. However, Bodoland is a popular lottery, and many people try their luck. The winners of the lottery can claim their prize money through Bodoland Territorial Council in Kokrajhar. The has to submit their original ticket within 30 days from the declaration of results. It is mandatory to carry valid identification proof. Also, the ticket needs to be intact and in proper condition. If the ticket is presented in a mutilated form, it will not be accepted. 

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