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Central University Of Kerala Un-suspends Professor Who Called RSS Proto-Fascist; Warns Him

The Central University of Kerala revoked the suspension of Assistant professor Dr Gilbert Sebastian & issued a warning after he had referred to RSS as facist

Central University of Kerala

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The Central University of Kerala revoked the suspension of Assistant professor Gilbert Sebastian and issued a stern warning after he had referred to the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) as proto-fascist during one of his lectures. In a letter dated June 7, Central University of Kerala's vice-chancellor H Venkateshwarlu highlighted that Assistant Professor Gilbert Sebastian had uttered unjustifiable remarks during a theory class with 1st year MA students.

Central University of Kerala warns professor for calling RSS proto-fascist

The letter noted that Gilbert Sebastian's utterances were contrary as a government employee at the Central University of Kerala and that it violated provisions of CCS [Conduct) Rules 1964. Further, the letter stated that a warning was issued to the Assistant Professor on the recommendation of a three-member committee that had examined the case and cautioned him against repeating such remarks again. The University's letter warned Assistant Professor Gilbert Sebastian of strict disciplinary action and imposing a major penalty if he repeated the violation.


  • Dr Gilbert Sebastian, Asst Professor, was conducting theory class on topic 'Fascism & Nazism'
  • On April 19, he had made his remarks against the RSS, calling it 'proto-Fascist', following which he was suspended
  • On June 2, the errant professor had sought revocation of his suspension
  • An inquiry commission was formed of three members, which submitted its report on June 4
  • On June 7, his suspension was lifted and he was warned against repeating such action


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