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Clashes Broke Out In Jodhpur During Ram Navami Celebration, Union Minister Gajendra Sekhawat Sits On Dharna Demanding Release Of Detainees

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Clashes errupted in Jodhpur on Saturday night when two groups clashed leading to arrest of several people
  • Clashes took a violent turn when vehicles were torched and houses were stoned
  • Union Minister Gajendra Sekhawat sat on dharna demanding the release of detainees

During a Ram Navami celebration in Jodhpur on Saturday night, two groups clashed in Soorsagar area leading to arrest of several people. Clashes erupted when a group of people allegedly threw stones on a Ram Navami procession in Jodhpur. People in the procession retaliated creating further violence.

Following the incident, Police took charge of the situation and tear gas shells were used to control the clash. Sources said that vehicles were set on fire and houses were stoned during the clash, Police personnel were attacked too. 

Following the clashes, Union Minister Gajendra Sekhawat, who is also contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 from the Jodhpur constituency sat on a dharna demanding the release of the detainees. Sekhawat also protested against the entry of many local Congress politicians inside the police station while the detainees were inside.

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Sources also said that there were clashes in Jodhpur three days ago and the class on Saturday night was an extension of the earlier clash. Videos that have been circulated widely after the incident shows men torching vehicles in fire and shouting slogans in favour of Prime Minister Modi. 

In 2018, violence erupted in various part of Bihar west Bengal during Ram Navami. In Jodhpur, a tableau was taken out last year, glorifying Shambhu Lal Raigar, who hacked a man to death and videographed the violence. Following the clashes last year, PM Modi strictly condemned the violence and said that those spreading violence are not those who listen to him or the party. 

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