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CLAW: Special Forces' Retired Officers On A Special Mission

The organisation was named CLAW that stands for Conquer Land Air Water.

Image Credits: Republic World/Twitter @CLAW_Global

Image Credits: Republic World/Twitter @CLAW_Global

The stories of courage and valour of special forces officers of the Indian Army while they are in uniform are not new for any Indian, but today we tell you how these special forces officers are not only serving the nation, but humanity post retirement. Major Vivek Jacob a retired Special Forces officer served the army in various special Ops missions for 14 years. A fatal parachute malfunction accident during a combat skydive in 2015 changed his life and inspired a new beginning.

Major Jacob created an organisation for all those special forces officers who were injured during operations. The organisation was named CLAW that stands for Conquer Land Air Water. Since then CLAW has been inspiring, rehabilitating and training Special officers and soldiers to turn their disabilities into special strengths. Now the concept has gone global and CLAW is not only been approached by Special Officers from different armies of the world but also civil society for training and rehabilitation. Three retired Officers and twelve soldiers from special forces are now on a mission to transform lives.

The latest mission of CLAW is Operation Blue Freedom where the retired special forces officers are being trained to conquer land by mountaineering missions, air by sky diving and water by scooba diving missions. The CLAW team now moves to announce the world record initiative to conquer the Siachen Glacier with largest number of participation by specially abled people. The campaign starts with a recche at the Glacier after which 20 participants will be screened and finalized.

These specially abled volunteers will be given training at Leh from where they will move further to explore the tough heights of Siachen. Ministry of Defence has not only given permission to the mission but it has also extended complete logistic support to the mountaineering expedition. The CLAW is confident of attaining the world record. In another initiative CLAW will be going for a water world record where largest number of people including special officers with disabilities will be scooba diving together.To commemorate the 50th year of 1971 vijay varsh, Veterans of 1971 war will also be a part of this mission.

The special forces officers with special abilities have come together to show the world that the skills and acquired during training never die even after retirement and injuries and they can be applied in corporate ecosystem. Empowering people with disabilities not only changes the social perception towards them but also enables them economically.

Image Credits: Republic World/Twitter @CLAW_Global

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