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Court Grants 5-days Of Further Custody Of Christian Michel To CBI. Full Details Here.

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • The 5-day extension of Michel's custody was accorded after CBI's request of granting them 9 days.
  • CBI alleged that Michel's lawyers are "tutoring" him every morning and evening. 
  • CBI lawyers will be coming on Tuesday to match his handwriting in presence of an handwriting expert

The CBI has been granted with an additional 5 days custody of Christian Michel, the middleman in the AgustaWestland, who earlier as Republic TV reported has been non-cooperative during his interrogation. 

The 5-day extension of Michel's custody was accorded after CBI's request. The accused was earlier produced in front of the CBI where they confronted him, but they fall short of time to question him. 

"We did not get enough time to interrogate him. We got a long sequence with Michel but he hasn't responded," said CBI. 

CBI added, "We have confronted him with some documents. Direct questions were posed to him, but he has maintained his silence. Interrogations are underway, but we'd like more time to interrogate him. He is not cooperative, but certain things have been admitted by him." 

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As per sources, Christian Michel has been non-cooperative in the investigation thus far, putting forth that he can't read and write as he is a patient of dyslexia. Interestingly, another middleman in the case, Guido Haschke also made the same 'can't read-write' excuse to Italian authorities about Michel.

CBI further notified that an evasive Michel is being confronted with shreds of evidence from five different countries. They even alleged that Michel's lawyers are "tutoring" him every morning and evening. 

To which, Aljo K Joseph, the lawyer representing the accused has denied the claims of CBI and that they rely on a judgment from the Italian court.

"CBI is saying we are not cooperating with the investigation is completely false," the lawyer proclaimed.

He further added, "There are findings in the Italian judgment that I have been cooperating with the investigation. No incriminating material has been shown against him. This is just a way to torture him." 

CBI objected the use of word "torture", affirming that they have not even raised their voices at Michel and that they are only doing their jobs. 

Further elucidating the findings, the CBI said, "Michel talks of one specific event. He was not with the Tyagi brother, they were handled by Haschke. Michel was getting money from Agusta Westland, UK through the UAE." 

CBI holds two letters written by Michel, alleging it to be his handwriting. But his lawyers will be coming in on December 11 to match the handwriting, as an old hand-written copy of Michel was with CBI. And now, CBI will be matching the handwriting in the presence of his lawyer and a handwriting expert

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Michel had been brought to India following his extradition from Dubai on Tuesday and kept at the CBI headquarters in New Delhi under heavy security overnight. The subsequent day he was produced in Delhi's Patiala House Court where Aljo K Joseph who is representing him moved a bail plea. However, the court remanded him to CBI custody for five days. Further controversy was added to the mix when the BJP's allegation that Joseph was an affiliate of the Congress proved to be true. Joseph, who rushed to the AICC HQ immediately after the events in court, then offered that he was only representing Michel in his professional capacity and that it had nothing to do with his being the legal cell in-charge of the Youth Congress. However, he was soon expelled from the party.