Delhi Airport And Airline's Valentine's Day PDA Is Comedy Gold, Check It Out

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With the spirit of Valentine's Days spread across the country, the Indira Gandhi International Airport decided to have a little fun via their Twitter handle.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

With the spirit of Valentine's Days spread across the country, the Indira Gandhi International Airport decided to have a little fun via their Twitter handle - “Delhi Airport”. The internet broke as the Airport handle was seen saying cheesy lines to the Twitter accounts of all the airlines. Delhi Airport showered praises for Indigo, Vistara and Air India on Twitter.  

Tweets exchanged between Delhi Airport and airlines 

Indigo and Delhi Airport

In a cheeky tweet to IndiGo, the Delhi Airport said, "Hey @IndiGo6E, promise me you’ll never run away from my runway!" To this, IndiGo replied, "Oh darling, your love brings me back on-time, every time!" 

After reading the above tweet, Indigo quipped, “@delhiairport Whenever you say that “kuch kuch hota hai” #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo”. Going further Delhi Airport replied, “I’m just plane crazy about you. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020". Indigo to this said, “@delhiairport I know your love affair goes beyond one! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo".  

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Air India and Delhi Airport 

Taking the romance further Delhi Airport approached Air India and tweeted the following. 

Replying to this Air India said, “@delhiairport It feels great to have a special place in your hub. #ValentinesDay2020 #DELlovesYou". Delhi Airport then made a factually cheesy comment and tweeted, “I love how you are so plane and simple. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020".  

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Vistara and Delhi Airport 

Going further, Delhi Airport moved to its third love, Vistara and asked, "Hey @airvistara, its valentines day, want to continue flying higher with us." Replying to the cheesy line Visara replied by saying this. 

Delhi Airport took the conversation ahead by saying “Why thank you, we get this new feeling with you and it never gets old, runway with me? #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020". Vistara to this said, “Sounds like a plan, i'd be wearing purple. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020". Delhi airport subsequently set a date, “You are too beautiful to be missed, it’s a date then. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020".  

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