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EXCLUSIVE: Republic TV Accesses India-bound AgustaWestland Middleman Christian Michel's Dubai Prosecution Files. Read Here

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Christian Michel is being extradited to India, top sources have confirmed to Republic TV
  • Republic TV has accessed Michel's Dubai file detailing his questioning by prosecution authorities
  • In the Dubai file, Michel has named Guido Haschke, Julie Tyagi and Giuseppe Orsi, in reference to the deal

In a groundbreaking development, sources told Republic TV that AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel will be extradited from Dubai to India, arriving in the country on Tuesday night. Moments after the exclusive newsbreak, Republic TV also accessed the 80-page transcript of the interrogation of Michel by prosecution authorities in Dubai, in which he named multiple persons in connection with India's deal to procure choppers for VVIPs.

In the Dubai file, Michel has named Guido Haschke, Julie Tyagi and Giuseppe Orsi, making controversial claims regarding the deal 

Here are some translated excerpts from the statement made by Christian Michel to Dubai public prosecution in his defence: 

“The judgment concluded in Italy with dismissing the case as I was not working in the company and in that department at the time of making a decision for purchasing such helicopters. Moreover, the Swiss authorities dismissed the same complaint based on information provided by Italian authorities.” 

He claimed to have worked with the previous government in India under the Prime Ministership of Dr Manmohan Singh and claimed that this was the reason he was accused by the current government:

“I worked in India with the previous government which was led by Dr Manmohan Singh and in the year 2014, as I am mentioning, the government was changed which is led by Narendra Modi. I was accused once again due to my involvement with the previous government in the deal of helicopters supply to the defense ministry of India. I visited India three years ago” 

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On being asked by the Dubai Prosecution if the 'Kickback was paid to decision makers, helping M/s AWIL in purchasing the helicopters for the ministry and Kickback of 70 million euros was paid to him M/s Global Services, M/s International trading co.', he maintained his statement saying that he has been targeted in the case to pressurize him to testify against the previous government in India.

"Putting me in this case is just to pressurize me to testify against the previous government. The deal was without any kickback of fraud or bribes by me and I was not working in the companies branch in India rather I was working in the companies UK branch specifically in the period when the change in the altitude From 6000 m to 4000 m occurred. 

I also had mentioned that the case was previously filed by the Indian government against me and was kept by the Italian authorities after the acquittal of the Italian judge expired as well as my case was also kept by the Swiss Authorities." 

His claimed to know three people in the case:

"I only know Guido Haschke— an Italian and American citizen, Julie Tyagi — an Indian citizen, and Giuseppe Orsi — an Italian citizen. These three dealt with them in the management of the deal after the amendment on the altitude.” 

Furthermore, complete flight details of Christian Michel wherein he had come to India 9 times in the year 2005 and a report containing India's request to extradite Michel from Dubai to India have also been acquired by Republic TV. 

Excerpts from India's extradition request:

“A kickback amounting to €70 million was paid by Agusta Westland out of which €30 million were paid to Christian Michel James and his company Global Services in the guise of Post contract service agreement dated 0103. 2010 between Augusta Westland Holdings Ltd and Christian Michel James and his company global services Dubai to advise and assist Agusta Westland in implementing the performance of the contract for supply of AW 101VIP helicopters. As per this contract payments of €6.05 million were made from May 2010 to December 2011 there was another contract dated 2605 2010 between global trade commerce Ltd UK a company related to Christian Michel James and Agusta Westland."

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