Goa Lottery Results | Rajshree Ruby | 8.10 PM Evening Results Oct 8

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Goa Lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in India. Both citizens and tourists participate in buying and selling of lotteries to try their luck.

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Goa is not only a prominent tourist destination but also a government recognised lottery practising state. It is one of the 13 states that conduct daily lottery games in India. One can buy a ticket for ₹ 5. The results of Rajshree Ruby Goa Lottery are declared at 8.10 pm every evening. The results can be checked through the official website.

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Prizes to be won in Goa Lottery evening slot

Goa State Rajshree Ruby Lottery evening result is going to be declared at 8.10 pm. The winning price money for the Goa Lottery is ₹ 20.04 lakhs. The second prize is ₹ 8000 for 10 people and the third prize is ₹ 400 for 15 people. There is also a fourth and fifth prize of ₹ 200 and ₹ 100 respectively. The lottery results can be checked with the government gazette here.

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Various Goa Lotteries in the evening slot for the week

  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Pearl Lottery” – It is conducted every Monday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.02 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Ruby Lottery” – It is conducted every Tuesday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.03 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Silver Lottery” – It is conducted every Wednesday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.04 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Neelam Lottery” – It is conducted every Thursday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.05 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Gomad Lottery” – It is conducted every Friday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.06 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Firoza Lottery” – It is conducted every Saturday, and the first prize is Rs. 20 lakhs.
  • Goa Lottery: “Rajshree Topaz Lottery” – It is conducted every Sunday, and the first prize is Rs. 20.01 lakhs.

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Goa state lotteries are conducted and promoted by the Directorate of State Lotteries. Goa lotteries are held on a weekly and monthly basis and are drawn thrice a day. On Saturdays, there are weekly and monthly bumper lotteries. Lottery ticket holders can check their results on the official website of Goa Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries. The revenue collected through the selling of lotteries is used to provide better infrastructure and facilities to Goans. 

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