Hindu Mahasabha President Comes Out In Support Of Nusrat Jahan

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Swamy Chakrapani has come out in the support of TMC MP Nusrat Jahan after she was criticised by hardliners for taking part in Durga Pooja celebrations

Written By Piyush Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Hindu Mahasabha

President of Hindu Mahasabha Swamy Chakrapani has come out in the support of TMC MP Nusrat Jahan after she was criticised by hardliners for taking part in Durga Puja celebrations. Hindu Mahasabha has also demanded proper security for Nusrat Jahan after threats given to actress turned politician.

Swamy Chakrapani backs Nusrat Jahan

Swamy Chakrapni also asked for legal action against hardliners and asserted that Nusrat Jahan was not doing anything wrong

"Legal action must be taken against these extremists, Nusrat Jahan is not doing anything wrong. What she is doing will send out a loud and clear message to the society. We do not issue any fatwa against any Hindu who goes to attend Muslims' festivals. What these hardliners are saying smacks of Talibani mindset and I believe the government must act against them before it's too late", said Swamy Chakrapani.

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BJP leader Shazia Ilmi supports Nusrat

At a time when controversy is getting bigger, TMC has not issued any statement condemning hardliners slamming Nusrat Jahan but on the other side, BJP leader Shazia Ilmi has come out in Nusrat’s support.

 "It's really unfortunate that people are dragging Nusrat Jahan into this controversy and seeing everything with such a myopic, orthodox bench of minds. She is an Indian citizen, has every right to be herself and we live within the parameters of the legal framework and our constitution gives us the right and freedom to be who we are and to practice whichever religion we want to practice also allows us to take part in all the cultural practices. It's very unfair to impose an individual point of view on an Indian citizen. Those who are saying that she has committed a sin in the eyes of Allah or Islam should know that they have no moral authority to be the spokesperson of Allah. They have no judgement to pronounce the judgement on a fellow Muslim. I might have political differences with Nusrat but I stand by her to be herself and enjoy Durga Puja, be a part of pandal and seek joy in the religion of her husband and other Hindu brothers and sisters", Shazia Ilmi said.

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Nusrat Jahan celebrates Durga Pooja

TMC MP Nusrat Jahan had taken part in Durga Puja celebrations of Suruchi Sangha with her husband. She was also spotted playing Puja Dhak Drums along with her Husband. While dismissing the threats given by hardliners TMC MP said that people who have no role in her life must mind their business.

"My life is colourful, India is about colour, diversity and we call our India "A colourful India". People know me by my name and I have made my name with my efforts with the help of God and who didn't play any role in my life must mind their business," Nusrat Jahan said.

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