Hyderabad: City's First 'Zero-waste Store' Promotes No Plastic Policy

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A couple have taken an initiative to introduce the concept of 'zero waste' store in the city. It strictly follows 'No Plastic' policy & promotes alternatives

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As the World is facing severe environmental crisis resulting in unprecedented droughts, massive floods and record-high temperatures, a Hyderabad couple has decided to take a step towards combating plastic use in the city. The couple, along with other partners, have taken an initiative to introduce the concept of 'zero waste' store in the city. 

'No-Plastic Policy'

The store offers a variety of items ranging from grocery items, paper covers, eco-friendly bags, hand-made soaps, and environment-friendly containers. It strictly follows the 'No Plastic' policy and promotes alternatives. The items are displayed and stored in plastic free containers and items like bamboo toothbrushes, baskets, jute bags, hand-painted shoes, etc. are sold in the store. 

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'We are encouraging people to purchase things that do not lead to any plastic waste'

While speaking to ANI, Jyothi S, Partner in the store said that they started the store to alternatives to plastic. "We have started this store to offer plastic-free products to citizens. From here, people can buy things without using plastic waste. The main concept is to avoid plastic waste. Usually, we get things in plastic from outside but through this concept, we are here to contribute towards the green cause. We are encouraging the public to purchase things that do not lead to any plastic waste," she said. Large number of people are apprecitaing the concept, said another partner Pratibha Jain. "We started it last month as there was no such store in the city. Large numbers of consumers are appreciating the concept," she said. 

One of the customers of the store said, not only did she like the concept of the store but was also impressed by the products the store has to offer. "The touch and feel of such products are amazing. This is a good concept and is completely environment-friendly," she said. Goa, Chennai and Bengaluru among a few other cities,that have similar no-plastic grocery stores where customers are encouraged to get their own non-plastic packaging materials, however, this is the first such initiative in Hyderabad.

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