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India Busts Imran Khan's Minister's Fake Talks Claim, Even As Pakistan Raises 'Nuke Bogey'

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi has congratulated Imran Khan on assuming the post of Pakistan Prime Minister
  • However, Imran Khan's new Foreign Minister has claimed that India has indicated it is ready for negotiations
  • Republic TV has accessed details of the Prime Minister's letter, which busts Pakistan's claim

Update at 4:28 PM: Pakistan makes U-turn on its new Foreign Minister's claim regarding India allegedly making an offer of dialogue. Here's the press release - 

"In response to a query regarding the controversy being unnecessarily created by sections of the Indian media, the Spokesperson stressed that the Foreign Minister had not stated that “the Indian Prime Minister had made an offer of a dialogue”, but had said that the Indian Prime Minister in his letter to Prime Minister, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, had also mentioned something similar to what the Foreign Minister elucidated earlier i.e. that the way forward was only through constructive engagement. The Foreign Minister was also briefed about the same positivity and constructive environment prevailing during the meeting of the former Minister of Law & Information with the Indian External Affairs Minister during his visit to India on 18 August 2018 to attend the funeral of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Pakistan looks forward to a mutually beneficial, uninterrupted dialogue with India to resolve all issues. Any attempts to instigate controversy and vitiate the environment are counterproductive and against the spirit of responsible journalism."

Mere days after the new Imran Khan-led government came to power in Pakistan, the Indian government has contradicted claims by the new Pakistan foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, that in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's congratulatory letter to Imran Khan and in ensuing high-level communication between the two countries was a call for negotiations over long-running disputes.

Addressing media persons, Qureshi said:

"We received a letter from India's Prime Minister yesterday in which he congratulated Imran Khan and when I spoke, they gave a message of negotiations. That is a very positive sign".

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However, top sources within the Indian government have now contradicted this claim, revealing details of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's letter:

  • PM Modi wrote to Imran Khan congratulating him for taking up the office
  • PM Modi said that the mandate given to Imran Khan is an expression of faith in his leadership and in democracy
  • The Prime Minister said that India looks forward to having good neighbourly relations with Pakistan for peace and security in the region
  • The Prime Minister referred to the telephonic conversation he had with Imran Khan earlier and said that he looks forward to a good working relationship

Qureshi also chose this address to raise Pakistan's nuclear threat citing it as a deterrence against any adventurism.

Emphasising talks, Qureshi harkened back to the visit of former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Pakistan, concluding that uninterrupted and continued dialogue should be the priority.

The Indian Government has made clear, in light of unabating terror attacks and infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir sponsored by Pakistan, that there will be no talks while there is terrorism

The Congress party has jumped on the matter, even as it continues to come under fire for its leader Navjot Singh Sidhu hugging the Pak Army chief while attending Imran Khan's oath-taking, with Jaiveer Shergill saying, "BJP's neeti towards Pakistan is like Jalebi. On TV they're saying 'Hum Pakistan ko cheer denge', but off-camera they are saying 'hum unko kheer denge'".

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