JDU Slams 'drunk On Power' Kejriwal For 'outsider' Insult To Biharis

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The JDU has slammed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday for his 'outsider' attack on Biharis and has said that the Aam Aadmi Party supremo is 'drunk on power'

Written By Sheetal Shenoy | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Monday, JDU (Janata Dal United) slammed the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his 'people from outside' statement where he alleged that outsiders - naming people from Bihar - were coming to the national capital to avail free medical benefits meant for Delhi-ites. JDU's spokesperson in Delhi, Satya Prakash Mishra, said in a statement, "Delhi Chief Minister has made an insulting remark against Bihar and the people from Bihar. His hateful remarks show that the Chief Minister, drunk on power, has sacrificed human values and forgot common people." 

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'Became a voter just to stand for elections'

The JDU claimed the CM's statement is a sign that he is scared of losing the Legislative polls in Delhi expected to take place next year. "Kejriwal is promoting hate politics in the national capital," the spokesperson said. He also took to Twitter to say, "Kejriwalji's mental health is not right. Can he (the Delhi CM) tell us the amount of his ticket that brought him to Delhi? And on how many instances did he seek treatment in Delhi without a voters card? He became a voter just to stand for elections."

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"Now why is Kejriwal saying that people of Bihar come to Delhi on Rs 500 ticket? Is he not aware that every countryman has a right on the capital of the country and medical treatment is a responsibility towards humanitarian values," he asked while adding that 'the people will send him back on Rs 50 ticket this time'. "We do not expect an apology from him because he has a different name, "Mafinama Mukhyamantri (apology seeking Chief Minister)". He is master in making mistakes and then seeking apologies," the JDU spokesperson said while asserting that his party would fight against the insult to 'Purvanchalis'.

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Delhi CM makes a controversial statement

While addressing a gathering at the inauguration ceremony of a Trauma Centre at the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, "The situation is such that a person from Bihar buys a ticket to Delhi for Rs 500 and returns after availing free treatment worth Rs 5 lakhs. It makes us happy as they are people of our own country, but Delhi has its own capacity." Arvind Kejriwal stated that the government had carried out a survey of a hospital on the Delhi border, which revealed that 80% of the patients were from outside the national capital. Kejriwal has repeatedly raised the issue against the backdrop of the Assam NRC list, going on to single out BJP Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari, saying that if NRC would be implemented in Delhi, Tiwari would be the first to have to leave. 

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