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Karnataka Awaits Imminent Monsoon Landfall, Thunderstorms And Gusty Winds Predicted: Week's Forecast Here

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  • The south-west monsoon is set to make landfall in Karnataka on June 4
  • Thunderstorms accompanied by gusty winds are forecast for areas across interior Karnataka and south-interior Karnataka

Amid drought prevailing over the Northern and Central parts of Karnataka owing to the extreme dry conditions, the South-West monsoon is finally predicted to make landfall this week beginning from Tuesday. Thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and gusty winds at the speed of 30 - 40 km per hour are forecast for Karnataka beginning from June 4.

With the trough of low at mean sea level over South-East Arabian sea off Kerala-Karnataka coast persisting, showers are predicted for both Karnataka and Kerala:

The forecast for the current week begins with thunderstorms accompanied by gusty winds(30 - 40 km per hour) over isolated areas in interior Karnataka, as on June 4. As the monsoon sets in, isolated places in interior Karnataka adjoining with Kerala are expected to receive thunderstorms with gusty winds starting from June 5.

June 6 Onwards:

South interior Karnataka is said to receive its share of the monsoon from June 6 onwards following which heavy rainfall is expected to continue until June 11 in different regions of South interior Karnataka. North interior Karnataka, however, is predicted to have thunderstorms with gusty winds beginning from June 7.

The current situation:

The South-Western parts of the Karnataka including Bengaluru have received a good share of pre-monsoon showers as some districts have recorded rainfall above 40mm. Maximum and minimum temperatures will range between 33 and 21 degrees Celsius, lasting through the week.   

Northern and Central parts of Karnataka are looking forward to the monsoon rains as they have remained extremely dry, leading to acute shortage of water for both irrigation and consumption purposes. Further, the farmers' woes are compounded due to lack of rainfall in the interior regions of North Karnataka.

The state has received actual rainfall of 22.1 mm from June 1 until June 4 which is above the normal level(17.3 mm) and as on June 4, the state has received 3.6 mm of rain as opposed to the normal level of 4.7 mm.