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Kerala Government Orders Milk To Flow To Migrant Labour Camps And Not In Drains

After Tamil Nadu stopped its milk supply from Kerala, State Minister said it should not be thrown out in drains but distributed to migrant labour camps


Amid reports that Tamil Nadu has stopped all supplies of milk from the northern districts of Kerala, dairy farmers were throwing out milk into drains. On Thursday, Kerala Minister said that this should not repeat and diverted the milk supply to the camps where migrant labourers are settled.

The Kerala government set up over 5000 migrant labour camps housing nearly two lakh people. The state government is also providing them with meals and all the basic facilities, following the lockdown.

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MILMA would supply milk to labour camps

Speaking to the media, Kerala Forest and Animal Husbandry Minister K Raju said that after he learned about milk being thrown into drains, he asked the state-owned collecting agency - MILMA to ensure that all the excess milk is collected from the milk societies and then supplied to the migrant labour camps in the state.

In the past few days, there have been several cases of milk being poured into the drains by dairy farmers. The majority of the milk societies in Kerala hand over the milk to MILMA. The agency usually carries it to Tamil Nadu where for converting it into milk powder.

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