Lawyer In Alpesh Thakor Case Files Police Complaint Against Petitioner

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A police complaint has been registered against activist (petitioner) Suresh Singhal by the advocate Dharmesh Gurjar, who had fought the case of Alpesh Thakor.

Written By Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:
Alpesh Thakor

The activist who had filed a petition challenging the nomination of Alpesh Thakor as a BJP candidate from Radhanpur has although withdrawn the petition. A police complaint has been registered against him by the lawyer fighting the case. A police complaint has been submitted by the advocate Dharmesh Gurjar, who had fought the case challenging the nomination of Alpesh Thakor against the activist (petitioner) Suresh Singhal.

The complaint

The complaint states that there are several instances that the petitioner has misled the Gujarat High court and withheld several important documents from the lawyer as well. The petition from the Gujarat High court was withdrawn on Thursday after the petitioner failed to prove his locus standi in the matter. The case was ultimately withdrawn after the petitioner also failed to produce documents like an identification and membership card of the Thakor Sena (community group lead by Alpesh Thakor). Another exhibit that was stated will be produced in the court was a CD consisting of photographs of Alpesh and Singhal together. "These two things would have proved the locus standi of the petitioner in the matter. However, he kept delaying the issue and later on when the court strictly directed him to produce the said documents, he said they were stolen. Since it was evidence in a court matter he could have registered a police complaint. But he only misleads the court," an agitated Dharmesh Gurjar shared with Republic TV. 

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The complaint also stated that the advocate had himself been approached by people who tried to offer him money to drop the case against Thakor. "I have heard from my sources that similar kinds of offers in crores were made to Singhal for dropping the case. That is one of the reasons why he might have been delaying, misleading and wasting the time of the court. I have learnt a lot of things about him as well which show that he does not have good ethical behaviour," Gurjar further said. 

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'The matter is not finished'

However, an FIR is yet to be registered against Singhal. He stood his ground and said, "These allegations are only allegations. I have worked for the society for a long time. If the court has directed me to either take the petition back or turn it into a PIL what can I do? The matter is not finished. I can still appeal. My aim was to stop the wastage of public funds and I will continue to do that."

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