Manipur Lottery Results October 12 : Singam Vinca Day 4 PM

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Manipur lotteries are very popular, Singam Vinca Day being one of them. Read on to more about Manipur lottery results, latest updates and announcements

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The state of Manipur shows a lot of participation in lotteries. Only 13 States in India are allowed to conduct lotteries. It is legal in Kerala, Goa, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram. Out of all the lotteries conducted, Manipur Singam Vinca Day Lottery is a popular weekly lottery.

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Prizes for Manipur lottery

The ticket face value is Rs. 6. The first prize winner of the Manipur Lottery gets to take home Rs. 27 lakhs.  The second prize winner gets Rs. 5,000. The third prize of the Manipur Lottery gets to take home Rs. 1,000, the 4th prize is of Rs. 700, the 5th prize winner of the Manipur Lottery gets to take home ₹ 500 whereas a consolation prize of Rs. 10,000 is also given to Manipur Lottery ticket holders with matching serial numbers.

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Manipur Singam Vinca Day Lottery timings and updates

Manipur Singam Vinca Day Lottery result is announced at 4 pm every day. Manipur also conducts a morning and evening lottery at 11:55 am and 08:00 pm respectively. The 04:00 pm day lottery is commonly known as Singham Vinca Day lottery. The prizes of the three lotteries consist of Rs. 27 lakhs. The winners need to produce a valid authentication at the Director of Manipur Lottery office in Imphal to receive the winning amount. 

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Things to remember

The lottery is conducted by the Director of Manipur Lottery, Sajenthong, Imphal, Manipur - 462004. Players can buy tickets from an authorised lottery retailer. To claim the lottery prize, winners have to download a claim form or fill up the claim form in offline mode before submitting it to the Director of Manipur Lottery. 

The state of Manipur has shown huge participation in lotteries. A large number of people try their luck to take home large sums of money. But there are certain things that they must keep in mind. The tickets that the Manipur Lottery winners have needs to be intact and without any damage at the time of submitting. The presentation of a mutilated ticket will not be accepted and he/she shall not be given the prize money. Also, the lottery ticket should not be torn or damaged. The winner should carry a proper identification card along with passport size photographs.

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