Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Highlights Harmful Effects Of E-cigarettes

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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 29 addressed the nation on 3rd episode of Mann Ki Baat, he spoke about the ill-effects of tobacco and e-cigarettes

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:
Mann ki baat

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, September 29 addressed the nation on the third episode of the second edition of Mann Ki Baat, he spoke about the ill effects of tobacco and hailed the ban on e-cigarettes, announced by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.  The Prime Minister said: "Recently, India banned e-cigarette. Different from normal cigarette, E-cigarette is an electronic device that generates a chemical smoke by heating up liquid containing nicotine. We know the illeffects of normal cigarettes but people have spread false things about e-cigarette. People have spread that e-cigarettes are not harmful. People do not know a lot about e-cigarettes. And tehrefore, out of curosity, people purchase e-cigarette. But don't keep any assumptions about cigarettes. It is harmful. Those selling it also knows it."

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Explaining the ill effects of tobacco, PM Modi said: "We have seen around us that everyone stops others from smoking. Even a chain smoker wants that his/her child to not be a smoker. Tobacco smoking is not only harmful but its diffucult to get rid of its addiction.  Diseases like Cancer, diabetes and blood pressure takes place due to tobacco. Nicotine present in the tobacco causes toxication. Consuming nicotine at a tender age causes disruption in the development of brain."

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PM Modi reiterates movement against single use plastic

The Prime Minister in his address also said that the world will follow the footsteps of India as the country has begun a mass movement against the use of single used plastic on the ocassion of Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. He said that India is leading the world in environment conservation. He said that he believes that the entire country will be the part of the movement to fight against single use plastic. PM Modi also spoke to veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar during his address.

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