Nagaland Truck Owner Gets ₹6 Lakh Fine In Odisha Before The New MV Act

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Nagaland truck owner fined Rs 6 lakhs in Odisha even before the implementation of the new MV Act, the challan was issued to him by the Odisha RTO on August 10

Written By Varsha Chavan | Mumbai | Updated On:

A truck owner from Nagaland was fined and issued a challan of Rs 6.53 lakhs for seven traffic violations in Sambalpur, Odisha. The fine imposed on him was not under the new Motor Vehicles Act as the challan was issued on August 10 and the MV Act was implemented on September 1. The rules violated by the owner were that he had no permit and had also not paid any taxes from July 2014 to September 2019 and for other offences.

Challan issued by the RTO

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As per the challan copy, the Sambalpur Regional Transport Office (RTO) issued the Challan to driver Dillip Karta and truck owner Shailesh Shankar Lal Gupta bearing Registration number - NL 08 D 7079. The seven offences are General Offence (Rs 100), Disobedience for Orders/Obstruction (Rs 500), Violating Air and Noise Pollution (Rs 1,000), Carrying Passengers in Goods Vehicle (Rs 5,000), Using Vehicle Without Permit or Violating Permit Conditions (Rs 5,000), Plying Without Insurance (Rs 1,000) and Orissa Motor Vehicles Taxation Act (Rs 6,40,500). The total challan amount calculated was Rs. 6,53,100.

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Hefty fine paid by others

A truck driver fined heavily has emerged for violating traffic rules after the introduction of the new Motor Vehicle Act. A truck driver identified as Ram Kishan was issued a challan of Rs 2,00,500 near Mukarba Chowk in Delhi, on September 12. It has emerged that the truck driver was handed a challan of Rs 56,000 for overloading and Rs 70,000 for other violations. The owner of the truck was fined Rs 74,500 for various violations, with the total amounting to a staggering Rs 2,00,500. The truck owner paid the total amount of the fine. 

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An autorickshaw driver in Bhubaneswar has been given a challan worth Rs 47,000 for violating traffic rules on September 4. The auto driver was charged for drunk driving, violating air and noise pollution provisions, driving without a license and not having a registration certificate. The owner of the auto Kanduri Khatua was sitting in the back while another man, Hari Bandhu Kanhar, was driving the vehicle when the police stopped them. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol after a breath-analyzer test, whereas the owner was unable to produce any kind of document that the police asked for.  

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