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Odisha: Woman Gives Birth To Rare Conjoined Twins With Two Heads And Three Hands

Odisha conjoined twins have two fully formed heads which are conjoint, but are eating with two mouths and breathing with two noses, doctors said.


A woman in Odisha on Sunday has given birth to rare conjoined twin daughters with two heads and three hands at a private hospital in Kendrapara district, PTI reported doctors as saying. The kids with the rare condition were born to a financially poor family. The children have two fully formed heads which are conjoint, but are eating with two mouths and breathing with two noses, the doctors at the private hospital informed. This would have been the woman’s second child. “The baby, which is actually conjoined twin sisters share a single body, three arms and two legs," Dr Debashis Sahoo, a paediatrician of the district headquarter hospital of Kendrapara told PTI. The condition of the children is stable even as they are joined from the abdomen and the chest. 

According to the report carried by local broadcaster Odisha TV, the kids were born to a resident named Umakant Parida and his wife Ambika, both of whom currently live in Kani village, in the Rajnagar area. The children were delivered by caesarean section of the hospital in Kendrapara. Later, the infants were moved to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Paediatrics (Sishu Bhawan), Cuttack, for specialized treatment, Dr Sahoo said. He further informed local reports that the kids suffer from a rare congenital anomaly and the ultrasounds would further determine their condition, which in turn will assist the medical fraternity in deciding whether the girls can be separated via surgical procedures. 

Odisha surgeons separated conjoined twins in 2017

In 2017, doctors in Odisha performed a successful craniopagus surgery separating two conjoined twins in a somewhat similar case. The success of the complex medical procedure won the medics a place in the Limca Book of Records. The surgery was done on conjoined twins named Jaga and Kalia who hailed from Odisha's Kandhamal district. The twins were treated by surgeons at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. The surgery was headed by Prof Ashok Kumar Mahapatra and Dr Deepak Kumar Gupta. A team of 125 doctors and paramedical staff performed the rare procedure which they later described as “not an easy task”.

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