Pakistan Journo Croons Terrorism Hymn Against India, Trolled In Pak

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A Pakistani journalist's terrorism song against India is so bad that it has got her ridiculed within her own country, even as Imran Khan 'stands for Kashmir'

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat who never fails to expose her own country's falsities and absurdities in India-related matters is at it again. After taking it upon herself to bust Imran Khan's 'stand up for Kashmir' failure a day earlier, Inayat has now taken on jingoistic Pakistani media over its attempts to peddle a nonsensical narrative on Kashmir.

Pakistan journalist's terrorism song

The specific piece of 'news' entails a Pakistani TV journalist Fe'reeha Idrees showing the Line of Control to her viewers and saying, “There is the LoC, a place where India keeps on striking, I would like to dedicate a song to that...” and then going on to sing an atrocious ear-bleeder of a song in which she goes on to ask “India to leave Kashmir”.

The chorus of the song translates to, “India Go away from Kashmir, go away from my heaven from my house. People say Kashmir is heaven, infidels never get heaven and they will not get this heaven. India Go away from Kashmir, go away from my heaven from my house”. It not only attempts to give a communal spin to the entire matter, but also proceeds to show footage glorifying Pakistan-backed terrorism and terrorists. Adding a pound of sensibility to the video in her caption, Naila delivers a takedown of the video and the not-so-mellifluous song.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CM prays to DJ Waale Babu

Naila Inayat frequently posts funny tweets about Pakistani Ministers hilarious fails. In another post, a group of people led by Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, are seen offering a prayer for violence against India with others echoing him.  He bumbles, “Give us the strength to defeat India (Baaja Bajade)”. Naila put out a humorous caption referring to a Hindi song while sharing the video. 

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A 'Shocking' performance by Railway Minister

Amid Pakistan's flop-show 'stand for Kashmir' call, Imran Khan's Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad became the butt of all jokes as while he was giving a speech criticizing Narendra Modi, he got an electric shock from his mic the moment he mentioned India's PM's name. The leader in the video says that Modi sent a shock through the microphone. However, he added, “we will not stop the protest” as the crowd started laughing. 

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