PM Modi And Chinese President Xi Jinping Vow To Work Against Terrorism

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PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a 150-minute-long one to one discussion over dinner at Mamallapuram during the second informal bilateral in India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, during the first day of the second informal bilateral in India, had a 150-minute-long one to one discussion over dinner at Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. During the dinner, they spoke about how radicalisation and terrorism affect both countries. On the first day of the highly awaited Modi-Xi summit, both the leaders took a guided tour to the world heritage sites in Mamallapuram. The Ministry of External Affairs in a press briefing informed that the discussions during the meeting stretched for over two and a half hours and it was broadly based on national vision and how to progress the bilateral relationships between the two countries. The Ministry also said that PM Modi and President Xi Jinping agreed to work on the common issues of both the countries together.

India and China on Terrorism 

The Foreign Secretary of India, Vijay Gokhale, during an MEA press briefing said, “The discussions between India and China included the challenges that both the countries face on the account of terrorism. There was an acknowledgement that both the countries are very complex, very diverse and both leaders said that these were large countries and radicalisation was a matter of concern to both. They agreed that both countries would work towards seeing that radicalization and terrorism would not affect the fabric of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious societies. There is a general sense that both the leaders had, and they would work towards overcoming it.” 

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Other discussions during the dinner 

Vijay Gokhale also spoke about all the other discussions that took place between both the leaders during the private dinner. He said, “The discussions were very open and cordial. This was quality time that two leaders spent together, one on one. The rest of the two delegations were in fact in two separate locations having dinner. The two leaders had a detailed discussion on their respective national visions and on their governance priorities.” 

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“PM Modi, in fact, reiterated that having been re-elected to the second term, he has received a renewed mandate for economic development. President Xi Jinping acknowledging the fact that PM Modi had received such a huge mandate said that he was looking forward to working closely with PM Modi over all the issues during the next four years. They also spoke about other developmental priorities. There were some discussions over trade-related issues, economic issues and on the issues for trying to identify the areas for investment that the two countries could encourage. There were also discussions on how to enhance the trade volume and trade value. This also included the discussions on the trade deficit and unbalanced trade that exists.” Gokhale added. 

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