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Political War Of Words: The Hindi-Tamil Language Debate In Tamil Nadu

BJP's Tamil Nadu chief K Annamalai launches scathing attack on DMK, accuses them of politicizing Hindi and Tamil languages and looting public resources

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Swapnanil Chatterjee

Tamil Nadu BJP Chief K Annamalai with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. | Image: Twitter

The BJP's Tamil Nadu chief, K Annamalai, launched a scathing attack on the ruling DMK Government, accusing them of politicizing the Hindi and Tamil languages. This comes after Union Home Minister Amit Shah's recent remark that Hindi must be accepted and embraced by all without opposition, which ignited a heated exchange between the two parties. 

In response to State Minister and DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin's condemnation of Amit Shah's statement promoting Hindi as a medium of communication, Annamalai took a swipe at Stalin, saying, "Stalin knows neither Hindu nor English. So he didn't understand what Amit Shah said." Annamalai stressed that Amit Shah had made it clear that education in all States should be imparted in the mother tongue.

Amidst the growing language controversy, Chief Minister MK Stalin of the DMK expressed strong opposition to Amit Shah's push for Hindi acceptance. Stalin tweeted his denunciation, declaring, "I strongly denounce Union Home Minister Amit Shah's audacious push for Hindi acceptance. It's a blatant attempt to subjugate non-Hindi speakers. Tamil Nadu rejects any form of Hindi hegemony and imposition. Our language and heritage define us - we won't be enslaved by Hindi!"

As the language debate escalates, both the BJP and DMK are positioning themselves for the upcoming general elections. Union Home Minsiter Amit Shah emphasised that Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcases Tamil pride during his overseas visits, seeking to highlight the party's commitment to linguistic diversity. Meanwhile, Annamalai expressed confidence that the DMK would fare poorly in the forthcoming elections, anticipating their defeat at the polls.

Shifting the focus briefly from the language debate, the BJP's TN Chief weighed in on the recent Supreme Court decision to stay the conviction of Rahul Gandhi in a criminal defamation case. Annamalai saw this development as an opportunity for the Congress leader to return to Parliament, quipping, "The more Rahul Gandhi speaks in Parliament, the better it will be for the Bharatiya Janata Party as we will only get stronger." 

In addition to the language dispute, Annamalai accused the ruling DMK of 'looting' public resources, pointing to Minister Senthil Balaji's alleged receipt of a salary while in prison over a cash-for-jobs scam. Annamalai suggested that if the DMK ministers returned the purportedly looted money, Tamil Nadu's and the country's debts could be alleviated. He also criticised CM Stalin for not addressing the contentious Cauvery water dispute with Karnataka during the Opposition meeting, raising questions about the ruling party's commitment to safeguarding the State's interests.

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