Prayagraj Ram Leela Community Organises Procession For King Ravana

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A Ram Leela community in Prayagraj organises a procession for lord Ravana every year before the Ram Leela. The procession is organised by the Katra Ram Leela.

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The holy city of Prayagraj is all geared up to organise a great procession to honour King Ravana. While most of India organise a procession to glorify the mighty bravery of Lord Rama, in Prayagraj, a procession for King Ravana is organised by the 'Katra Ram Leela Community'. The procession for the demon king of Lanka is carried out in a celebratory manner with hymns and musical instruments annually before starting the Ram Leela. 

Commonly in India, a grand procession of Lord Rama is taken out before the Ramleela. The Ramleela is also regarded as a way to relive the great legends of Ramayana. The folklore narrates the story of Lord Rama since his birth up to the day he was reunited with his wife Sita, post defeating the Lankan King Ravana and his army. 

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The descendants of Rishi Bharadwaj

When Rakesh Chaurasiya, the Secretary of the Ramleela Committee was asked about this unique procession, he said that the community does this to honour Ravana who was the descendant of Rishi Bharadwaj. Ramleela Secretary said, "The Katra Ram Leela community is the only community in Northern India that takes out the procession of Ravana in his honour and then begin with the Ram Leela proceedings.

Adding further the Secretary said, " Ravana was a descendant of Rishi Bharadwaj and we are also his descendants because of which we first take out the procession of Ravana."

The annual procession organised by Katra Ram Leela community aims to show King Ravana's grandeur and his family. The procession that starts from Bharadwaj Ashram and moves the whole night in the Katra region. Dussehra celebrations in Prayagraj are carried out, in the same manner, every year.

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Dussehra marks the end of 9 day Durga Puja or Navratri. The festival is celebrated across India in different forms. Vijaylaxmi is celebrated by burning down the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarna (Ravana's brother) and Meghnad on the tenth day of Navratri to commemorate the end of evil. 

According to the Hindu calendar, Navratri begins on September 29, 2019, and ends on October 7, 2019. Vijaylaxmi or Dussehra will be marked on October 8.

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