Pune Couple Build An Oxygen Generating Plant For Siachen Soldiers

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Yogesh and Sumedha Chithase from Pune city of Maharashtra have constructed an Oxygen generating plant for soldiers serving at the Siachen Indo-Pak border.

Written By Misha Bhatt | Mumbai | Updated On:

In what can be seen as a great gesture towards the soldiers of the country, Yogesh and Sumedha Chithase from Pune have constructed an Oxygen generating plant for soldiers serving at the Siachen glacier - the highest battlefield in the world.

The Oxygen plant was inaugurated by Lt Gen Y Joshi, GOC, Fire and Fury Corps in the presence of SIRF president Yogesh Chithade on October 4.

The couple from Pune grabbed everybody's attention in 2018, when they had pledged to sell all their valuables to construct an Oxygen plant for the Soldiers at Siachen. Yogesh Chithade is an ex-Air Force officer and has experienced the life of a soldier and therefore empathizes with the hardships they go through and the challenges they come across under adverse conditions while at their respective postings. 

Weather at Siachen

The Indian Army keeps a vigilant guard, as they keep the enemy away from climbing the glacier. The temperatures at the glacier usually drop well below −50 °C, with fresh food a rare luxury. Fruits freeze to become as hard as cricket balls and potatoes can’t be dented even with hammers. Getting the food at an altitude of 21,000 feet is a task in itself. Administration of supplemental oxygen is a necessity of treatment in high-altitude zones.

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Yogesh and Sumedha are also founders of the Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation (SIRF). Calling 'SIRF' an initiative of the common people, the couple describes their aim (on the official website of Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation) as "an uncommon vision, and with a simple, straight, but significant objective and that is to acknowledge, appreciate, respect, honor and support the soldiers of our country and their families."

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