Ravan Dahan: Three Biggest Celebrations In And Around Panchkula

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Panchkula boasts the biggest Ravan effigies in the entire country. Here are the three biggest and most popular Ravan Dahan events in and around Panchkula.

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Today, October 8, is Dussehra, the day on which Ram defeated Ravan. It embodies the victory of good over evil. To symbolize the events of Ravan's defeat, people all over India celebrate Dussehra by burning the effigy of the demon king. This burning of Ravan is called the Ravan Dahan. Panchkula has celebrated Ravan Dahan for several years and even has the biggest Ravan effigy in all of India. Here are three of the best Ravan Dahan celebrations in Panchkula.

Sector 5

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Sector 5 Ravan Dahan has always been one of the most prestigious celebrations in the country. Along with a gigantic Ravan effigy, the celebration also has a brilliant Ram-Leela before the burning as well as festivities afterwards. Last year in 2018, the Sector 5 Ravan Dahan boasted the biggest Ravan effigy in all of India. The effigy was around 210 feet tall, making it the tallest in the history of Dussehra. So if you want to see the record-breaking Ravan Dahan, then you certainly need to be at Sector 5 on the night of Dussehra.

Sector 46

Sector 46 is another location that boasts gigantic Ravan effigies each year. The celebration is spearheaded by Sanatan Dharma Mandir Committee. The effigy last year was around 85 feet tall. Alongside the amazing Ravan Dahan, you can also enjoy the numerous Dussehra Melas that are scattered around the area.

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Parade Ground in Sector 17

The Parade Ground in Chandigarh's Sector 17 is one of the most beautiful Ravan Dahan celebrations in all of India according to many. Once the effigy of Ravan is set alight on Dussehra night, the sky too soon follows suit and is full of light thanks to the multiple coloured rockets that are shot into the air. The spectacle is stunning and is highly memorable. After the burning of the effigy, the hundreds of people gathered start to celebrate with singing and dancing.

These are the top three most ppopular Ravan Dahans in Panchkula and the surrounding areas. Panchkula has some of the grandest Ravan Dahans. So even if you cannot make it to any of the celebrations mentioned here, do not worry as there will surely be an enjoyable and fascination Ravan Dahan near you. It is unfortunately not possible to enjoy all three of these events at the same time, so select the one that suits you the best and have a great Dussehra celebration. 

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