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Remaining Foot Over Bridge Near Mumbai's CSMT Station Dismantled, Says Police

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mumbai Police declared that the remaining foot over bridge near Mumbai's CSMT station has been dismantled
  •  Taking to Twitter on Saturday morning, Mumbai Police notified about the same

After over 36 hours when the foot over bridge near Mumbai's CSMT station collapsed killing six people and leaving several injured, Mumbai Police declared that the remaining bridge has been dismantled and the road is open for traffic coming for both north and south bound. Taking to Twitter on Saturday morning, Mumbai Police notified about the same. 

Civic chief Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, after a meeting with officials concerned of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), had decided to dismantle the entire bridge due to which the tragic incident happened. 

"With the help of gas cutters and huge cranes, the entire frame of iron and steel was brought down by evening and was further being cut into pieces to transport them to the godown," local ward officer Kiran Dighawkar said in the matter. 

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On Friday, Republic TV accessed the official July 2018 audit report of the foot over bridge which collapsed on March 14. The report enlisted a number of recommendations for the 'unstable bridge' unraveling the truth behind the negligence of civic body and the Maharashtra government.

The report divulges crucial details:

  • The report states the slab of the bridge was not in good condition, steel in the slab was exposed
  • It mentioned that all broken treads and risers of the collapsed bridge needed replacement.
  • Measures such as maintenance of RC parapet and railings for anti-corrosion were required.
  • The foundation was not exposed and also the foundation plans were not available hence no concrete conclusion can be drawn regarding the safety and condition of the foundation. 
  • It further said that the parapets were in precarious condition. 
  • Floor beam near support was heavily corroded.

Meanwhile, Mumbai police had filed an FIR against unknown BMC and Railways officials for the foot over bridge collapse near the CSMT station which has resulted in six people losing their lives and 36 suffering injuries on Thursday night.

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