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Resonating With Veteran BJP Leader LK Advani's Blog Post, PM Modi Says: 'It Perfectly Sums The True Essence Of BJP'

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi lauds Veteran leader LK Advani's sentiment of 'Nation First, Party Next, Self last', calling it the ssence of BJP on Thursday
  • LK Advani had broken his silence with a blog post titled - 'Nation First, Party Next, Self Last' declaring his political sentiments to the country and the party

Resonating with Veteran BJP Leader LK Advani's blog post titled 'Nation First, Party Next, Self Last' PM Narendra Modi has lauded LK Advani's sentiment saying 'it captures the true essence of BJP and that it filled him with pride to share his political journey with such a great leader like Advani'. 

Earlier on Thursday, LK Advani had displayed his public support to the country and party by declaring his priorities in a blog post stating- 'Nation First, Party Next, Self Last'. In the blog post, he had said that the party never regarded its opposers as its 'enemies' or 'anti-nationals' writing:

"The essence of Indian democracy is respect for diversity and freedom of expression. Right from its inception, the BJP has never regarded those who disagree with us politically as our 'enemies', but only as our adversaries." 

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He also highlighted the importance of democracy in the BJP and the nation in the blog post:

"Defense of democracy and democratic traditions, both within the Party and in the larger national setting, has been the proud hallmark of the BJP."

Expanding on BJP's practice of not regarding its Opposition as 'anti-national', he wrote:

"In our conception of Indian nationalism, we have never regarded those who disagree with us politically as anti-national. The party has been committed to freedom of choice of every citizen at personal as well as political level."

Reminding the people of who had opposed the Emergency declared by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Advani stressed that the BJP had always been in the forefront of demanding protection of independence, integrity, fairness, and robustness of all democratic institutions, including the media.

Advani also expressed his gratitude to the people of Gandhinagar who have elected him six times to the Lok Sabha, since 1991 and wrote:

"Their love and support have always overwhelmed me."

Ending the post on an encouraging note to celebrate the election as a festival of democracy, he wrote:

"It is my sincere desire that all of us should collectively strive to strengthen the democratic edifice of India. True, elections are a festival of democracy"