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Smriti Irani Can't Believe Cambridge Rejected Isaac Newton's Paper

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Published:


  • Smriti Irani has shared Isaac Newton's papers which were rejected by Cambridge
  • The paper was an alchemic recipe
  • The papers were recently redisovered a few years back

The Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development, Smriti Irani has shared Sir Isaac Newton's research papers on September 10, and she seemed surprised that Cambridge University rejected them. Cambridge University has always been considered as the alma mater of the man who gave direction to new theories with his discoveries. Smriti Irani shared the alchemy recipe written by Isaac Newton himself which had been rediscovered a few years back.

Isaac Newton, The Alchemist?

Sir Isaac Newton, who is known to the world as the 'Father of Physics', was initially also interested in Mathematics and Alchemy along with other areas of study such as, Faith, Bibles, and Prophecies. He wrote the alchemy recipe of “sophick mercury” which is seen as the main ingredient of the Philosopher's stone. A stone that can evidently change base metals like lead into gold. Newton was always interested in chemicals and believed that every metal can initially be broken down into various constituents. However, the paper was rejected by Cambridge University to keep in the archives, lacking the practicality of the research. Reportedly, Newton's biographer in 1855 wondered how a mind of such power can take seriously the production of a hoax. Allegedly, the failure of Newton's alchemy paper and the breaking of metals, lead him to discover that white light constitutes of other seven colors. The non-scientific texts were later sold in 1936 in an auction. 

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Netizens, humored

While the complicated journey of Newton is still being rediscovered and his scientific papers which hold great value for every science enthusiast, Smriti Irani's post fueled some humorous reactions. People consoled themselves of their own rejections from renowned universities and compared themselves to Newton.


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Others also claimed that if Newton's alchemy papers are read, they'll unveil the "superstitious" side of the scientist. One internet user also made it clear that Cambridge University just "turned down" or rejected to archive his recipe, and not rejected his entire papers which can still be found.

Few netizens, also believed that it is an "injustice" to Newton's work.

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