Snake Baby Captured On Video Emerging From Its Amniotic Sac

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A newborn snake recognised as an adder was captured on camera coming out from its amniotic sac, with the video thrilling people as well as making them uneasy

Written By Ankita Chakraborty | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a video shared by a Twitter user that has caught the netizens' fancy, a new-born snake is seen gliding out of its amniotic sac. The incredible clip captures the newborn struggling to get out of the sac, finally making its way and emerging to take its first breath. Dominic Greves, a wildlife photographer, caught the life-affirming - scary and slimy yet exciting - moment on camera - one that can be observed to understand the reptilia class better. 

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At the start of the video, the fully formed baby snake can be seen wriggling its head in an effort to make it out of the translucent sac. After a few attempts, it gathers itself and pierces nose-first through the membrane, bravely entering the new world. It then slithers and uncoils itself, emerging completely.

The Eurasian snake, Adder 

The snake was established as an Adder. Adders are small venomous snakes with a zig-zag pattern found in Eurasia. Adder babies are usually seven inches long. They are sometimes born during their hibernation period which allows them to store their excess fat. The excess fat that they contain helps them to sustain themselves during winter. The European adder is usually a solitary reptile, choosing to hunt alone at all times. They tend to hunt small mammals, although they have been found to consume nesting birds or frogs too. Although they have relativity good eyesight, they tend to choose their partners by their sense of smell while mating. 

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Twitter reacts on the new born reptile. 

Twitter had a fun time reacting to the new born. Some called it an incredible experience to have witnessed it while others felt uneasy watching the snake baby making its way out of its amniotic sac. Some even called it an experience of a lifetime to have witnessed such an act. Listed down below are some of the reactions from social media users. 

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