Stray Dog Walks 480kms With A Group Of Ayyappa Devotees; Netizens In Awe

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A video of a stray dog accompanying a group of Ayyappa devotees has become an internet sensation as the dog walked almost 480kms with the group.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:
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A video of a stray dog accompanying a group of Ayyappa devotees has become an internet sensation as the pooch reportedly walked almost 480kms with the group. According to reports, the devotees started their annual barefoot pilgrimage from Andhra Pradesh on October 31 and reached Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka on November 17. Initially, the group was unaware of the fact that the dog was following them. 

“We didn't notice the dog at first. But as we continued, it kept showing up behind us every now and then. We offer it the food that we prepare for ourselves. We perform Sabarimala pilgrimage every year but it's a new experience," the devotees were quoted as saying. 

Very touching, say netizens

The video went viral the moment it hit the internet, with more than 1lakh views and 11,000 likes. Called the video “very touching”, netizens pointed out that  "Animals are more spiritual than many inhumane humans”.

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Dog carrying a woman’s handbag becomes an internet favorite

In a viral video doing the rounds on the internet, a dog is seen carrying a woman’s handbag in its mouth. The video was shared by a Facebook user Nahur Bhai on his feed. Netizens were in awe of the dog and some even termed him as 'best boyfriend ever.' In the video, the Rottweiler is seen climbing down the stairs, and walking across the street, following a woman, presumed to be its owner. All the while, the dog held on to the beige colour bag in its mouth.

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