Uber eats backed their rival Zomato in taking a stand against hate
Uber eats backed their rival Zomato in taking a stand against hate

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Uber Eats Backs Zomato After It Shuts Down Bigot For Cancelling Order Over 'non-Hindu' Delivery Executive

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Zomato had on July 31 slammed a customer demanding Hindu rider
  • Uber Eats responded saying they stand with Zomato
  • The Zomato incident attracted praise and criticism alike

As the incident of Zomato slamming a customer who cancelled the order because he was assigned a 'non-Hindu' delivery executive, Ubar Eats backed their rival and said that they also support the stance taken by the company. Zomato had responded saying that food is the only religion and its owner Deepinder Goyal had said that they do not mind losing a bit of business if they have to stand for their values. Uber Eats on july 31 responded to the stand taken by the company amid applauds. 

Here is what Uber eats responded:

What was the Zomato 'non-Hindu delivery executive' controversy?

On July 31, Zomato gave a befitting reply to a customer Amit Shukla who cancelled his order because a 'non-Hindu' delivery executive was appointed. While Shukla said that he will contact his lawyers as Zomato refused to change the delivery executive, Zomato replied that food is the only religion. Zomato on Wednesday received praises for taking a stance against the hate in name of religion by declaring that they don't mind losing on business if they have to stand on their values. Zomato's founder Deepinder Goyal had tweeted the following;

Delivery executive on the incident

Faiyaz the food delivery executive with Zomato who was assignedas the rider of the customer named Amit Shukla who cancelled his order because he was a "non-Hindu" said that he was hurt.

Narrating the sequence of events, Faiyaz said, "I called the person who had placed the order to know the location of his house. But he said he had cancelled the order.

"Han hurt to hue hai. Ab kya bolenge sir, ab log jaisa bolenge..sahi hai is par kya kar sakte hai gareeb log hai... sahna padega sir (Yes I feel hurt. What can I say sir, whatever people say...its okay what I can do in it... we are poor, we have suffer)," he said.

Customer Amit Shukla on the incident:

Speaking to Republic TV and defending his action,  Amit Shukla said that it was his freedom of expression: "It is not about others religion, it is about my religion, i have a choice, I can express it. Food is a personal choice." Narrating the incident, he said that he got confirmation of his food with couple of minutes and after which he recieved information about the delivery executive. "I then told Zomato to either change the executive or cancel the order. Company said that they cannot change the delivery executive and that if I cancel the order I would not get any refund." When asked the reason about his intolerant stance, he said that the it is the holy month for Hindus and therefore he denied accepting order from a person who is not of the same religion. He also said that dneying order from a person who is not of his religion comes under the fundamental right of of religion enshrined in the Constitution.