UP Police Get Trendy, Take Up The #TetrisChallenge; Netizens React

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The Uttar Pradesh police posted a picture on Twitter as part of the viral #TetrisChallenge, which is catching on among emergency service workers worldwide.

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The Uttar Pradesh police posted a picture on Twitter as a part of the viral #TetrisChallenge going on in the world among the emergency service workers. The picture has been taken from a bird's point of view which has two of its officers lying on the ground on two sides, surrounded by security apparatus, a police van and a motorbike parked next to them. Along with the picture, they wrote that they are ready for any challenge that comes their way. The official handle of UP police shared the post on September 23, 2019.

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Netizens react to UP Police's post

The picture of the UP police taking part in the TetrisChallenge received a lot of attention on social media. The post has over 1,119 Likes and 169 Retweets ever since it was uploaded. Netizens have posted their reactions to the trending challenge taken up by the Indian state's police. A user commented on the picture saying "well done and that it is a good start". Another user gave a positive reaction on the picture, asking the police to keep up with the good work. Many more comments followed which complimented the Uttar Pradesh cops for sharing the image. However few users, who might be unaware of the challenge, asked the police to explain why the picture was posted. Another twitter user wrote asking what the post was about. One user after seeing the picture wrote that the police lacked some gadgets that were present in challenges by other countries.

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#TetrisChallenge trends

The '#TetrisChallenge' was started by the police of Zurich in Switzerland as they shared an image on their Facebook account. The photo was taken from an aerial view showing police officers lying on the ground with security gadgets around them, police vehicles parked aside. Along with the picture, they informed the people what they should expect in the police patrol car at the time of an emergency. The challenge impressed emergency services worldwide and various pictures were posted by them showing what all is available in their vehicles. Various stunning visuals have been shared on social media accompanied by the hashtag TetrisChallenge.

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