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Virat Kohli On His Struggles Growing Up: Calls It 'a Tricky Time'

Written By Yash Sanghvi | Mumbai | Published:


  • Virat Kohli talks about his life growing up
  • The Indian Cricket Captain lost his father in his 'break-through' year.

In an interview, Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli talked about his life growing up. Kohli said that life was pretty simple growing up. Kohli grew up in a housing society and he said, “People were always together, friends spending time with each other. Just being kids really, just having fun and just enjoying life every day.” He said 'it was a beautiful time.'

Kohli's struggles growing up

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Kohli spoke about the time when he was 13 or 14 and his family had to get a house on rent. He remembered this well as this was the time when his brother wanted to launch his own business and his family needs to build up the finance that was required and this required them to sell their house. Kohli said, “The business boomed and then collapsed and the situation became really difficult.” For the Indian captain, it was his early years of getting to play for the team of Delhi. “It is a really tricky time to remember because you are not really sure whether you are going to make it professionally or not and suddenly you realise the competition around you and you have to outperform everyone.”

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Virat Kohli spoke about the various other factors growing up when he had the desire to play for the country. He says it was a tough time trying to make it as a cricketer as, “We didn’t have the resources, we were expected to as a family.” Kohli’s brother’s business collapsed because of a number of things, “people who you trusted breaking your trust, that’s the reason most things fail because the people you trust betray you of sorts.” 

Break-through year father passes away

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The recovery was very difficult for Kohli and his family, "You take a lot of effort and time to set up something and then it collapses and you don't have the resources to re-establish anything again.” The Indian captain vividly remembers that time as being very volatile and the family felt it was 'really tough' to be able to find resources. The hardest part for Kohli came when was about 17 or 18, “When I was playing first-class cricket, in my break-through year that is when my father passed away.” Kohli has had his share of struggles growing up and that in a manner has made him the successful captain he is today.

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