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WATCH: Monkey Stole Rs 5,000 Cash From A Toll Plaza In Broad Daylight Then Runs Away. Video Goes Viral

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

It's a known fact that monkeys are intelligent creatures but it is not hidden that they can be a nuisance sometimes. Kanpur police are currently behind a peculiar thief — a monkey that stole Rs 5,000 cash from a toll plaza in broad daylight. 

A CCTV footage of a monkey stealing money from a toll booth in Kanpur is doing rounds on social media. In the viral video, one can see a white vehicle stopping at a toll booth, when a monkey leaps out of the car inside the booth, as the driver rolls down his window.

The footage then shows the startled toll booth operator, who is visibly shocked after seeing the monkey. However, before he could react to the situation the animal grabbed money from the open cash register and runs away.

(Watch the video here)

WATCH: Monkey Drives A Public Bus With Around 30 Passengers Seated

Earlier, in an incident recorded in Karnataka, a monkey was seen driving a public vehicle. As per media reports, the bus driver, named M Prakash allowed a monkey to sit on the steering wheel of his vehicle and also steer it. In the video shot by a passenger, the 36-year-old driver can be seen smiling and patting a Grey langur as it sits on top of the steering wheel of the moving bus. The video has gone viral on the internet, as the netizens are amused to see the monkey driving a bus which had about 30 passengers seated in it.