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WATCH: Video Of Elephant Herd 'performing Dead Calf's Funeral Rites' Will Move Your Heart

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  • An Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan takes to Twitter to post a video of an elephant carrying out a funeral procession of her dead calf
  • The video garnered a lot of attention from the audience who were amazed at the camaraderie displayed by the fellow animals

A video displaying an elephant carrying the carcass of her dead calf has warmed the heart of the viewers while posing questions of humanity.

A video posted by the Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter showed an elephant emerging from the forest, carrying her dead calf while spectators can be seen watching the video from a distance.

"This will move you!! Funeral procession of weeping elephants carrying the dead body of a child elephant. The family just doesn't want to leave the baby," the caption of the video read.

In what seems like a funeral possession the elephant is seen pausing and placing the dead baby on the ground. However, the elephant is not alone in this as another elephant, smaller in size, is seen joining him from behind and taking up its position a couple of feet in the front. Following which, soon the rest of the herd emerge, bulls, cows and calves and form a circle around the dead calf.

After placing themselves at a considerable distance from the body, they are seen observing a two-minute silence for the calf. Oblivious to the spectators, the herd commences their processions and after it is completed, the first elephant picks up the carcass again and leads the herd back into the forest.

In a separate tweet, the IFS officer also wrote that he had heard of "ancient elephant cemeteries" but had never actually seen one.

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The video garnered a lot of attention from the audience who were amazed at the camaraderie displayed by the fellow animals. It is said that human beings are the most evolved forms of humans but this video clearly proves that wrong for there are still a lot of things that humans can learn from the voiceless creatures.

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