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"Whose Stupid Idea Is This?": Omar Abdullah Incandescent With Rage At Shankaracharya Hill Trekking Route's Concrete-isation

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has blasted a decision to turn a famous trekking route in Srinagar into a concrete path.

Retweeting an article and photo of the trekking trail on Shankaracharya hill being concrete-ised, reportedly by the J&K government's forest department, the J&K National Conference chief has asked pointedly, "Whose stupid idea is this?"

Omar Abdullah has pointed out that there is already a parallel motorable road along the route, making the path unnecessary. He has appealed to the J&K Governor, Satyapal Malik, to reverse the order, restore the path, and find out who was responsible.

Responders to the post have put out a range of mostly constructive (no pun intended) replies.

One person has posted a video of the road that Omar Abdullah has spoken of, showing it to be quite beautiful:

The Shankaracharya hill overlooks the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar and is well known for having the Shankaracharya Temple, a prominent and heavily-visited tourist destination, on its top.