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With 4 Out Of The Top-5 Twitter Trends, This Is Where The Pulse Of India Lies

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Twitter was witness to an incredible lesson being taught to a number of different entities and interests by the people of India at prime-time on Tuesday, as each of the three debates by Republic TV's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami, plus a campaign by Republic TV's Consulting Editor-Strategic Affairs Major Gaurav Arya, trended in the top four positions on the very same social media platform that has so unabashedly refused to take any action on the virulent fake-news campaign that has been propagated over Jammu and Kashmir, since Article 370 was abrogated on Monday, August 5.

#IndiaVsFakeNews, #GoebbelsGhafoora, #PakPackUp and #VadrasForPakistan occupy each of the top-4 trending positions on Twitter in India at the time of publishing, after an electrifying prime-time that systematically highlighted four different aspects of the misinformation and trouble-mongering that has gone on over the last week.

1. #IndiaVsFakeNews, the top trend, encapsulated the overwhelming support of Indians across the world for the campaign to end fake news about Kashmir. Republic TV had earlier been the target of a vicious hatchet-job as Pakistan ISI-backed propagandists took the shears to an earlier debate on Republic, and edited it to propagate an evil narrative and blatantly false anti-India, anti-People narrative. They were soundly called out, however, their plot dashed, with the people of India joining Republic's chorus to hold Twitter accountable and responsible for the falsities regarding India's national interests and security that were being spread. Days on, other media organisations have also belatedly joined the campaign, while the security forces, the J&K police, and the Indian government have taken Twitter and the fake-news brigade head-on, notices even being issued to two prominent 'global' broadcasters who shared misplaced visuals portraying India in a bad light without any proof of their origin.

2. #GoebbelsGhafoora, a campaign by Major Gaurav Arya, singled out the source of the fake-news being propagated against India - namely, the Pakistan military-governmental deep state and the DG-ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor. Major Gaurav Arya called out Ghafoor's Goebbelian attempt to mould a false narrative, with the people of India joining in. Following the campaign working so effectively, Major Gaurav Arya said, 
"This is the power of honest journalism. When you believe in your news and you put your neck out, then the people go along with you. The biggest strength of Republic Media Network is credibility." 

3. #PakPackUp, Debate No. 2 on Republic TV's prime-time lineup, captured the incredible global rout of Pakistan in its attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue. Remarkably, Pakistan's pot-stirring had begun even before J&K's Article 370 was abrogated, with US President Donald Trump's lie about Kashmir mediation, and came full-circle on August 13 with Trump withdrawing said offer, India having fervently refused it. In between, Pakistan was snubbed by the United Nations, Russia and even its 'all-weather friend' China, with the world-wide embarrassment being brought home by a hapless Pak foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

4. Finally, #VadrasForPakistan, the fourth top-trend, pointed out how the view of a particular section of a fragmented Congress party - that of the ever-'ruling' Gandhi-Vadras - was not accepted by the people of India, with a reason perhaps being that their statements on many occasions mirrored that of Pakistan word-for-word, and were even quoted by Pakistani media, and the other, that leaders of the Congress openly gave the abrogation of Article 370 a communal spin.