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Stones Pelted At BJP Shobha Yatra In Hooghly; Dilip Ghosh's Convoy Attacked

BJP leader Dilip Gosh's convoy was attacked in the Hooghly area on Sunday evening. BJP leader reported that stones were pelted on his vehicle and people.

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Amrit Burman

Image: ANI

BJP leader Dilip Ghosh's convoy was attacked in the Hooghly area on Sunday evening. Incidents of stone pelting, arson, and physical attacks were reported in Hooghly, where Dilip Ghosh was leading the BJP Shobha Yatra. This ruckus has occurred at a time when the situation in Bengal is already tense due to clashes between Hindus and Muslims during the Ram Navami rally.

While speaking to Republic TV, Dilip Ghosh said, "During the Shobha yatra, stones were pelted on us. Women and children were also part of the yatra, and they were injured due to the sudden attack." He further blamed the West Bengal police for not taking strict actions.

"I don't understand what the police of Bengal are doing. They did not take care of the situation. Meanwhile, CM Mamata Banerjee is busy with politics, and such cases are increasing daily in Bengal," added Dilip Ghosh.

BJP leader Dilip Ghosh's convoy attacked in Hooghly

It is important to mention that this development has come at a time when Bengal is already struggling with the aftermath of the communal clashes that erupted during the Ram Navami procession, where instances of massive violence were seen between Hindus and Muslims, resulting in death, injury, and large-scale destruction.

Image: ANI

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