Gautam Gambhir Clarifies To CM Kejriwal: 'NRC For Foreigners Only'


Delhi (East) MP Gautam Gambhir, on Wednesday, explained to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal explained to Kejriwal that NRC was applicable only on foreigners,not Indians

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Reacting to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's comment on NRC in Delhi, Delhi (East) MP Gautam Gambhir, on Wednesday, hit out saying Kejriwal's incomplete knowledge was evident in his silly statement. Taking to Twitter, he explained to Kejriwal that NRC was applicable only on foreigners, not people residing in a state different from the state in which they were born in. Kejriwal had stated that if NRC was applied in Delhi then BJP state chief Manoj Tiwari would have to leave the state. Retorting to this comment, Gambhir wrote that if such was the case, then Kejriwal must also leave Delhi as he was born in Haryana.

NRC for foreigners, not people from different state: Gambhir

(Incomplete knowledge, only bother. If information is incomplete, do not trouble by making stupid things. One who talks about education @ArvindKejriwal does not know that NRC applies to people outside the country. According to his statement, he will also have to leave Delhi (Born in Haryana).)

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Kejriwal's comment on 'NRC in Delhi'

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal had said that Manoj Tiwari will be the first one to leave Delhi if it is implemented. He was asked at a press briefing about the Delhi BJP's promise of implementation of NRC in the state. Kejriwal had replied saying, "If NRC is implemented in Delhi, Manoj Tiwari Ji will have to leave Delhi," hinting at Tiwari's Bihari origins. In the press briefing, Kejriwal launched a new scheme called  Mukhyamantri Kiraydaar Bilji Meter Yojana in which renters living in Delhi will also be able to avail the benefits of Delhi Government's Electricity Subsidy.

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NRC Final List Out

Earlier on September 14, the Assam Government on Saturday has released the results for all the 3.3 crore NRC applicants online only. As shared on its official website, this full-fledged list has the name of the applicants as per Draft NRC and the supplementary list of Inclusions and Exclusions. All family members can now check their final status online. Previously on August 31, the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) state coordinator's office released the final NRC list. 3,11,21,004 Assam residents have been found eligible, while 19,06,657 Assam residents have been found ineligible.

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What is the NRC?

The NRC was first prepared in 1951 under the purview of the Census Act, 1948.  An updation process was started in 2013 and ended with the receipt of forms by the NRC authorities on 31 August 2015. The process aimed at separating genuine Indian citizens from undocumented immigrants living in Assam. As per NRC terms, a resident has to prove that they or their ancestors entered Assam before midnight on March 24, 1971. The Centre has said that those failing to do so may not be deported.

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