JD(U)'s Ajay Alok Resigns As Party Spokesperson Citing Views Mismatch, Says 'don't Want To Embarrass Nitish Kumar'. Read His Statement

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • JD(U) spokesperson Ajay Alok resigns as JD(U) spokesperson
  • He said that he is resigning because his views do not match with his party
  • Alok who is also a general secretary of the party's Bihar unit had said that Kishor joining Mamata Benrjee has no connection with his party

Amidst speculation of the rift between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led JD(U) and the BJP, in a major development JD(U) spokesperson Ajay Alok has extended his resignation from the post. 

"I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from the post of the spokesperson of the party as I feel I am not doing a good job. I thank you and the party for giving me this honour but please accept my resignation," Alok wrote in a letter addressed to the state party unit.

Alok who is also a general secretary of the party's Bihar unit said that his views are personal and do not match with that of the party.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "I have resigned as a spokesperson from JDU as I think I am not doing a good job as my views which are a mine of course do not match with my party," Thanking the party for its support, he said, "Thanks to my party and my president who has always supported me and I do not want to be a source of embarrassment for @NitishKumar."

Here's his tweet: 

On the issue of Mamata Banerjee meeting JD(U) vice president Prashant Kishor, he was the first one from the party to state that it has no connection with the party. Nitish Kumar after the JD(U) executive meet said that Kishor's company has nothing to do with the workings of his own party. 

Emphasizing party's stance regarding Kishor, Bihar CM had said:

"I just want to make it clear that this thing has no connection with the party. He will explain. He is a famous political strategist. He has a connection with all parties in different states. But when he joined the party, JD(U) had made this thing clear that we don't have a connection with him as a relation and political strategist. But this only he can say that he is connected to a party as a political activist and as a political strategist whatever his work may be that only he can say."

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Slamming out on media, he said, "his organisation was working in Andhra Pradesh too but that time no one paid any attention to it. But now the media have taken it."

His reaction comes a day after the Trinamool Chief herself has declined to comment on the issue saying it is an internal issue while addressing a press conference.

Whereas, Ajay Alok had earlier said: "What was the meeting between Prashant Kishore Ji and Mamataji about? Why did it happen? What happened in it? I don't know about it and neither does the party know anything about it. In this case, only Prashant Kishor can shed light on it. The party has nothing to do with it."

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