National Approval Ratings: In Poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Minor Lok Sabha Gain Projected For Congress While BJP Stays Above 20

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Elections are going to come to Madhya Pradesh in a big way and remain in the coming months, as long-serving chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will first attempt to extend his term in the Assembly elections, before his party, the BJP, attempts to repeat its scorching 2014 Lok Sabha election performance. 

India's second-largest state comprises 29 seats in Parliament's lower house, and the Republic TV-CVoter National Approval Ratings have presented the projections that matter at this point.

Here are the seat share and voteshare projections for Madhya Pradesh if elections were to be held in November:

As per the projections, the BJP is poised to lose a handful of seats in comparison to the 2014 elections, while still retaining the lion-share of its current strength by winning 22 seats.

Alarmingly, for the Congress, ahead of the Madhya Pradesh elections where the party has the wind of anti-incumbency in its sails and where party president Rahul Gandhi has been campaigning hard, it is only projected to increase its seat share from 2 to 7.

Coming to seat share, the BJP had secured a sensational 54.1% votes in 2014, but in the latest projections, this figure has fallen to 47.2%. The Congress, on the other hand, is projected to have gained 3.6% voteshare over 2014 (34.9%), with 38.5%.

In comparison to the previous month's National Approval Ratings:

In a comparison that becomes highly relevant in light of the fluid pre-election political situation in the state, the BJP is actually projected to have lost 1 seat in as many months (from 23 to 22). That seat, Rahul Gandhi and his often bickering Madhya Pradesh top brass will be happy to know, is projected to be gained by the Congress.

In vote share terms as well, the BJP is projected to have fallen from 49.2% to 47.2%, while the Congress has also lost share, from a projected 42% to the latest projection of 38.5%. The vote share gains in this case have been made by other parties (11% in 2014), from 8.6%  to 14.3%.

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