National Approval Ratings: Nail-biting Contest Projected Between UPA And NDA In Meghalaya

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:

Just months ahead of the much-awaited Lok Sabha polls, Republic TV, in association with C-Voter, has come up with the fourth edition of the National Approval Ratings to determine how the elections could pan out should they be held in January.

Meghalaya has two seats in Lok Sabha, and as per the January edition of the National Approval Ratings, the Congress-led UPA and BJP-led NDA are projected to share the seats. Even in terms of vote share, the difference is negligible - UPA winning 38.2% of votes and NDA winning 39.3% of votes. The Others are projected to not win any seat despite a promising vote share of 22.5% votes.

Comparison to the previous editions:

UPA: In the December edition, they weren't projected to win any seat with a vote share of 37.9%. Hence, this time around, it is an increase in terms of both seat and vote share. In November and October, the UPA was projected to get one seat, but its vote share was just 29% and 23.8%. So it clearly indicates that the Congress-led UPA would make big strides in comparison to those two months' editions.

National Approval Ratings: In Meghalaya, NDA Likely To Acquire Both Lok Sabha Seats Leaving UPA With Zero

NDA: In comparison to the December edition, BJP is projected to lose one seat and relinquish 3.4% votes in January, should the elections take place today. Though, in comparison to November and October, they have lost no ground in terms of seats, and barely any ground in terms of vote share.

National Approval Ratings: In Meghalaya, BJP And Congress Projected To Win A Seat Apiece Despite Latter's Voteshare Falling

Others: Over the course of the three previous editions of NAR, the Others were never projected to win even a single seat, and the trend is expected to continue. Though, when compared to months of November and October, their vote share is falling drastically. 

National Approval Ratings: With Two Seats Up Got Grab In Meghalaya, NDA And UPA Likely To Aquire One Seat Each

(The results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections may or may not reflect the results or scenarios of the state assembly elections, nevertheless, to establish where we stand at present, Republic TV and CVoter has presented the National Approval Ratings.)