VIRAL: Raju Srivastav's Political Lampooning Of Those Who Like To Hurl Abuses At The Prime Minister Gets Piyush Goyal's Endorsement. Watch Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has posted a video of Raju Srivastav where the comedian takes on the concept of hurling insults at the Prime Minister.

In a scathing, sarcastic video, the stand-up comic who is associated to at least a few government schemes, lampoons the 'chalta hai' attitude of yore and credits the Prime Minister as a sane and development-focused voice on a number of issues, while the critics are opposing him for various mock-immature reasons.

The video proceeds along the following general lines:

He begins by stating "We have democracy in our country, and some people take such advantage of it that they use foul language and use it, particularly against the Prime Minister. They derive enjoyment out of it."

He gives examples and continues, "There is a respect afforded to the Prime Minister. His seat has an importance. He's not of any one party, he's everyone's. We're lucky PM Modi was born in India. He's a person with a sound temperament. His family still lives an ordinary life. Before swearing at him, ask yourself -- what's your contribution to the nation?" 

He reiterates how things (allegedly) used to be, caricaturing people from small towns asking for improvements to their lives, such as airports and an increase in their standard of living, but being beaten down and humiliated for aspiring -- essentially a 'chalta hai' attitude.

Next, Srivastav does similar impressions on topics around security, mentioning the Prime Minister's various visits abroad. He then lampoons how people criticise him for it and segues into the Rafale debate. 

He ends by saying that those from Pakistan or Bangladesh are welcome to make hurl insults at him. 

The minister has shared the video asking: In the guise of democracy, identify those who point fingers at the Prime Minister

The overall message of the video is similar to something that the Prime Minister said over this weekend in his Mann Ki Baat address, where he observed that it is far easier to spread negativity. An endeavour should be made to spread positivity instead.