WATCH: "Kerala Is As Much Mine As Varanasi": Here Are The Most Important Things PM Narendra Modi Said While Addressing His First Political Rally Since Assuming Office Again

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  • PM Narendra Modi addressed BJP workers in Kerala's Guruvayur on Saturday
  • 'Those who made us win our ours, those who did not make us win are also ours,' he said explaining why he was visiting the state despite the BJP not managing to open its account
  • He also assured Kerala that all possible help was being given amid fears over the Nipah Virus

After visiting the 5000-years-old Guruvayur temple in Kerala's Thrissur, Prime Minister Narendra  Modi addressed his first political rally after taking oath for his second term. Addressing the BJP cadres gathered at the Shri Krishna Higher Secondary School grounds, he talked about combatting Nipah virus, implementing vaccination for animals and also appealed the Kerala Government to implement the Ayushman Bharat Yojana.

Here are some of the most important things he said:

1. “We believe that elections have a place of their own but after elections, the more important responsibility is towards the 130 crore citizens. Those who made us win are ours, those who did not make us win are also ours. Kerala is as much mine as is Varanasi”, he said explaining the reason behind his visit to Kerala despite the BJP not being able to open its account in the state.

2.  "Elections and democratic practices are different things that need to be honoured. We did not come into politics to win elections but to build a nation. We are not here to win the elections, we believe in dedicating 365 days in the service of the nation. People choose their 'jan pratinidhi' (public representatives) for 5 years but we are 'jan sevak' (public workers) who are committed to life-long service to the people," said Prime Minister Modi.

3. Having offered prayers to Lord Krishna at the Guruvayur Temple, he highlighted how as a native of Gujarat he felt fortunate: "Be it Udupi, Guruvayur or Dwarkadhish, for us - the people of Gujarat, there is an emotional connect. Coming from Gujarat, the land of Dwarkadhish, gives one a special feeling."

4. "BJP has made a different ministry to help the fisherfolk and emphasise on the rural economy," he said laying emphasis on his government's efforts towards furthering the rural economy.

5. “Government is with the people. State and will work together to fight the Nipah virus spread. I want to assure the people of Kerala that we will fight together against Nipah virus and urge people to follow the advisories by state and center,“ said PM  Modi while assuring the people that effective steps to eradicate the disease will be taken by the Government.

6." I would like to request the Kerala Government to accept our proposal and implement the Ayushman Bharat Scheme to ensure the people of Kerala are benefitted by this scheme," he said advising people to pay special attention towards their health amid Nipah fears, and also reminded people that the ruling government in Kerala had thus far refused to implement the Ayushman Bharat Scheme which is aimed at benefiting lakhs of poor by making healthcare free.

With his hands folded in respect, he ended his address by thanking the public who had reposed faith in him and had aided in his victory and promised that he will not disappoint them and will work towards a better and brighter future of India.

Earlier in the day, Narendra Modi prayed at the Guruvayur temple, one of the most famous temples in Kerala, and performed the ritual of 'Thulabaram', where he was weighed against hundreds of lotuses, which will then be offered to the temple's main deity, Krishna, as an offering.

Post the speech, Narendra Modi is set to visit Colombo (Sri Lanka's capital). Narendra Modi will be the first international Leader to visit Sri Lanka after it was rampaged by terror attacks and bombings in the month of April 2019.