Ola Cabs Announces ONN! Internet Scrambles To Find Out What It Could Be About 

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:


  • Ola has announced an upcoming launch
  • The new product or service is called ONN
  • Following the multimedia campaign, people have attempted to guess what ONN is

Bengaluru-based cab-hailing giant Ola has announced the impending launch of what may be a new service offering. 

The offering is called ONN and doesn't yet have a full form (that we can confirm).

A teaser video posted on social media shows a multiplex of screens, with each screen carrying visuals of news programming. A person walks up to the screens, and with the press of a button shuts off regular programming. The individual sounds all stop and the entire screen coordinates to display the ONN logo, with Coming Soon written underneath.

The O of ONN is the Ola logo.

The same video has also been launched as part of a multimedia campaign.

A number of those responding to the post have tried to guess what ONN is. Ola News Network appears to be the consensus, though a few are also wondering whether it could entail a merger with a cab-hailing rival or some manner of funding news.

Watch the announcement here: