Published 22:23 IST, May 7th 2024

Essential First-aid Tips To Attend To Pets Facing Electrical Shocks

Have a look at the immediate steps you need to take if your pet suffers from an electric shock.

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First-aid for pets | Image: Unsplash

Pets, especially young ones, often explore their environment by chewing on objects, including electrical cords. This behavior can lead to severe electrical injuries or even fatal accidents. Understanding first aid for such incidents can be crucial for pet owners.

Electrical injuries in pets

Electrical shocks primarily occur when pets chew on live electrical wires, but they can also happen due to faulty wiring, downed power lines, or lightning strikes. Dr. Charlie Astle, a veterinarian and pet wellness expert, emphasizes that while puppies and young dogs are most commonly affected due to their chewing habits, no pet is immune to electrical hazards. The injuries sustained can range from mild to severe and may include burns, especially around the mouth, where contact with a live wire typically occurs.

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Immediate steps to take

Power down: Before attempting any rescue or first aid, ensure that all power sources are disconnected to prevent further risk of shock to both you and your pet.

Assess and react: Look for visible signs of injury such as burns or abnormal behavior. If your pet is unconscious or showing severe symptoms like difficulty breathing, convulsions, or uncontrolled twitching, immediate veterinary attention is necessary.


Avoid water: While it might be instinctive to use water to cool burns, this can be dangerous if the pet is still in contact with the electricity source. Ensure all power is thoroughly disconnected before using any liquids.

Veterinary care: Even if the pet appears fine after an electrical shock, underlying issues such as pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) or abnormal heart rhythms can develop. Always consult a veterinarian after an electrical shock incident.

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Prevention tips

Pet-proof your home: Use protective covers over electrical cords, keep them out of reach, and monitor pets closely when they are in areas with accessible wires.

Regular inspection: Check your home for any potential electrical hazards like frayed wires or loose connections.


Educating yourself about these essential first-aid procedures and taking preventative measures can significantly reduce the risk of electrical injuries in pets. In cases of electrical shock, prioritizing immediate, appropriate actions and quickly seeking professional medical evaluation can save your pet’s life.

22:23 IST, May 7th 2024