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Button Art is the art of creating unique designs with the help of different types of buttons. Check the various designs you can create with buttons. Click here

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Ever thought of creating something unique with buttons? Can a button tag be used as a gift option to your loved ones? The answer is Yes! To your surprise, you can create an array of things with buttons. There is no dearth in the market with respect to the numerous types of buttons. You can unleash the inner artist in you and bring your imagination to play by creating unique button designs. The most astounding fact is that you can do this in the comfort of your homes. The only major tool you need is a Glue Gun.


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You can do button art on various mediums like

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  • Button Wall art
  • Button art on fabric
  • Button art tags
  • Button art on piece of paper
  • Button art for decorating the house in the form of a showpiece

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Take a look at what all designs you can create with button art

  1. Word or sentences can be created with the help of button art. This can be done on a piece of cardboard in order to highlight a word or convey a message with the help of a sentence.
  2. Animals: Another very popular button art design is that of creating an animal image on the cardboard with the help of a glue gun. Some of the most popular animals' designs are that of tigers, giraffe, zebra, elephant, parrots, ducks and hippos.
  3. Hearts: This button art is perfect to gift your loved ones on the occasion of valentine’s day. All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter to draw the outline of the heart. Then paste red colour buttons of different sizes with hot glue.
  4. Trees: One of the most popular button Art amidst kids off all ages. To make this we need a bare tree painting or drawing for the basic shape, buttons of different colour buttons and glue.
  5. Flowers: This button art is perfect for the front page of any handmade card. Things you will need are colourful cardstock, glue, buttons of various and foam sheet to use as a background.

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