Halloween: Quirky Decor Ideas To Perk Up Your House


Halloween is around the corner. So here are a few quirky decor ideas for you to decorate your home and get with the aesthetic of the Halloween season.

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Halloween is just around the corner. The season of scary tales and sweets does bring a spooky joy to it. Here are a few ways you can decorate your home out of regular stuff from your home. This will add a new aesthetic to your home and will get you in the festive season.

Halloween: Quirky decor to perk up your house on Halloween

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Spooky Eyes

This one is to keep all eyes on you, literally. This decoration is easy to make and is definitely eye-catching. You will have to gather as many ping pong balls as possible. From there, buy a bunch of googly eyes and stick them on these balls. To add effects, you could also use a red marker to draw veins. To make the spooky eyes even more appealing, add just one googly eye to each ping pong ball.

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Floating Ghosts

This particular decoration is not only creative but will also add a sense of Halloween esthetics to your home. To make this ghost, you will need sheets of cheesecloth and tub full of glue mixed in water. Dip the cheesecloth in the tub and mount it on either a balloon or on a stand in whatever shape you'd like your ghost to have. Once done, the cloth will give a faint white look, add some paper eyes or googly eyes to it to further decorate it.

Cartoon Ghosts

You can create this quirky set up by decorating used milk cartons or just old plastic bottles. For cartons, you can cover them up with white tissue paper and make your desired design on it and place it. Another way to do this is by using used plastic bottles, preferably white. You can decorate and draw on these bottles and add fairy lights to their inside which will illuminate and stand out from the rest of your decorations.

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Garbage Bag Webs

Garbage bags can be perfect to set up various elements in your home. You can make a web from it and put it up anywhere in your home. Various types of cut-outs can be made from them which won't just be jet black and shiny but will also complement other Halloween elements. It also stands out due to its distinct appearance. 

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